Bringing sweets to the streets!
Cake $4/slice
Lately the popular cakes have been:

Applespice with caramel buttercreme
Applesauce and cinnamon, clove and freshly grated nutmeg for a taste of Autumn.

Italian Creme with vanilla buttercreme
Interestingly this cake is more Southern US than Italian.  Contains coconut and pecans.

Pie  $3.75/slice

Getting ready to make that "Horserace" pie

Caramel Apples $5
Right now the apples are weighing in at approximately 1/2 pound.  A Granny Smith apple, covered in caramel, then drizzled with dark chocolate,  milk chocolate and white chocolate.

Cookies $2 each
Typical selections:

Peanut Butter Oatmeal (Holly's favorite!)       
White chocolate chip, Cranberr,y Walnut
Triple Chocolate Chip       
Decorated Sugar
Hello Dollies

Brownies $2.50 each
Chocolate Brownies (Gordon's favorite!)   
Butterscotch Brownies

And of course Louisville Cookies!

Ice Cream Novelties
We usually stock:

Magnum Double Caramel
Klondike What the Fudge?
Choco Tacos
Strawberry Fruit Bars
SpongeBob Square Pants Popsicle
other items per my whim and your request

Ice cream availability is based on the weather.  If it's cold outside, we probably won't have ice cream on the truck.
Cupcakes  $2.75
Some recent selections:

Mexican Hot Chocolate (don't be afraid)  - chocolate chili cupcake, chocolate ganache filling, chocolate cinnamon frosting

Chocolate x 4 - chocolate cupcake, chocolate ganache filling, chocolate frosting, chocolate sprinkles

The Elvis - banana cupcake, peanut butter creme filling, chocolate buttercreme

Chocolate Peanut Butter - 
chocolate cupcake with peanut butter creme filling, chocolate frosting and three tiny peanut butter cups

Chocolate raspberry
- chocolate cupcake with raspberry creme filling and vanilla frosting with pink glitter

Snickerdoodle  - cinnamon cupcake with Bavarian creme filling, vanilla frosting and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar

Cake Pops 2 for $3
Cute little bites of cake enrobed in chocolate on a stick.  What's better than dessert on a stick?

Chocolate Raspberry       Lemon    Strawberry      Caramel       Almond White      Brownie
And other flavors as we play in the kitchen!  

Whole Pies and Cakes

If you want to order a whole pie, cake or several dozen cupcakes, or cookies, please pre-order and come to the Louisville Dessert Truck for pickup.  (Check our schedule.)


Available items will vary both daily and seasonally.  The entire menu is not available every day. 

One day we may turn into a pie wagon, another day a cookie mobile. 

I've been making quite a few cake pops lately.  (They're replacing the cupcake fad.)

You'll just have to come to the Dessert Truck to see what goodies we've got today!